Map 061
Atlas of preliminary geologic quadrangle maps of Pennsylvania

Berg, T. M., and Dodge, C. M.
Suggested Citation:Berg, T. M., and Dodge, C. M., compilers and eds., 1981, Atlas of preliminary geologic quadrangle maps of Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Map 61, 636 p. [Available online.]
Description:In 1980, a new state geologic map was created for Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. Much of the map was first compiled on 1:24,000-scale or 1:62,500-scale topographic base maps. These maps are represented in this report as a series of black-and-white, 1:62,500-scale geologic maps, arranged alphabetically by 7.5-minute quadrangle name. Formational boundaries, structural axes, compiler(s), year of compilation, and sources used are shown on each map. The maps are of variable reliability and are considered preliminary in nature. For quadrangle areas not included in this publication, references point to other publications that were used to prepare the state geologic map.
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