General Geology Report 32
Glacial geology of northwestern Pennsylvania

Shepps, V. C., White, G. W., Droste, J. B., and Sitler, R. F.
Suggested Citation:Shepps, V. C., White, G. W., Droste, J. B., and Sitler, R. F., 1959, Glacial geology of northwestern Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., General Geology Report 32, 59 p. [Available online.]
Description:This report presents a study of the character, distribution, and history of the glacial deposits of northwestern Pennsylvania, complete with a 1:125,000-scale glacial map. Continental ice sheets advanced at least seven times into this area during the Pleistocene Epoch. During each advance, materials were picked up, carried by the ice, and eventually deposited. The deposits are studied in detail and dated to the different ice advances. Glacial history is supplemented with a short discussion of glacial economic resources. A subsequent Pennsylvania Geological Survey report (G 55) describes the stratigraphy of these glacial sediments in more detail and notes new information that would change some of the units shown on the map in this report.
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