Mineral Resource Report 021
The Bradford oil field, Pennsylvania and New York

Fettke, C. R.
Suggested Citation:Fettke, C. R., 1938, The Bradford oil field, Pennsylvania and New York: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Mineral Resource Report 21, 454 p. [Available online.]
Description:The Bradford oil field, located mainly in McKean County of northwestern Pennsylvania, produced 352,700,000 barrels of oil from 1871 to 1936, and at the time this report was written (1936) was expected to reach 500,000,000 barrels in the future. The rise in production was due to the remarkable success of water-flooding operations, which were legalized in the Bradford Sand in 1921. Almost all of the Bradford production comes from a single horizon, the Bradford Third Sand, which proved to be productive over a continuous area of 84,000 acres and gave the Bradford pool a major rank among the great oil pools of the United States. After an introduction, major text topics in the report include history of development, topography, geology, and petroleum and natural gas. Five plates include three structure maps, an oil and gas map, and a 1:62,500-scale geologic map of the Bradford 15-minute quadrangle area.
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