Water Resource Report 65
Groundwater resources of Pike County, Pennsylvania

Davis, D. K.
Suggested Citation:Davis, D. K., 1989, Groundwater resources of Pike County, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Water Resource Report 65, 63 p. [Available online.]
Description:This report describes the groundwater of Pike County, an area of widespread unconsolidated deposits and rocks belonging to the Marcellus, Mahantango, Trimmers Rock, and Catskill Formations. Major text topics include hydrogeology, groundwater system, hydrogeologic framework (subdivided by geologic unit), and groundwater use. Data are presented in 24 tables, including summary tables of well statistics and water measurements, records of water use, a record of selected wells, and chemical analyses of groundwater. Two 1:50,000-scale maps are included in the report: a bedrock geologic map and a surficial geologic map. Both maps show the locations of selected wells—those on the bedrock map are the wells that produce mainly from bedrock, and those on the surficial map are the wells that produce mainly from surficial units. The map explanations describe the geologic units shown and their water-bearing properties. The bedrock geologic map also shows water-level contours.
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