Water Resource Report 47
Geology and groundwater resources of Monroe County, Pennsylvania

Carswell, L. D., and Lloyd, O. B., Jr.
Suggested Citation:Carswell, L. D., and Lloyd, O. B., Jr., 1979, Geology and groundwater resources of Monroe County, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Water Resource Report 47, 61 p. [Available online.]
Description:This is a detailed report (text and one plate) on the geology and groundwater resources of the Monroe County area in eastern Pennsylvania, much of which is popularly called the Poconos. Bedrock in the area consists of folded Silurian and Devonian sedimentary rocks. The Wisconsinan terminal moraine crosses the southwestern part of the county, and glacial deposits fill the valleys. Major text topics include geology, porosity and hydraulic conductivity, summary of water-bearing and water-quality characteristics of the aquifers, water budget, and groundwater. Tabulated data complements the text discussion and includes rock unit descriptions, water budgets for selected basins, various well and water statistics, chemical analyses of groundwater, geophysical logs and packer tests, and records of selected wells. The plate shows a 1:48,000-scale geologic map of the area that includes the location of wells and an indication of the thickness of unconsolidated deposits (including the saturated thickness) where relevant. The map explanation describes the geologic units shown and their aquifer characteristics.
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