Water Resource Report 18
Hydrogeology of the carbonate rocks of the Lebanon Valley, Pennsylvania

Meisler, Harold
Suggested Citation:Meisler, Harold, 1963, Hydrogeology of the carbonate rocks of the Lebanon Valley, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Water Resource Report 18, 81 p. [Available online.]
Description:This report discusses various groundwater-related issues in the Lebanon Valley, including the bedrock formations and their groundwater properties, occurrence and movement of groundwater in the valley, distribution of solution openings in carbonate rock, and the geochemistry of groundwater. Maps of the Lebanon Valley area (most of southeast Lebanon County and part of western Berks County) show specific conductance of groundwater in carbonate rocks, water levels in carbonate rocks during September 1959, and geologic units (mostly carbonate formations) and water-well localities. All maps are 1:24,000 scale. There are also tables showing the record of wells, record of springs, and chemical analyses of groundwater.
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